Fixed or Temporary Dividers Keep Your Workers Safe

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  Introducing A New Level Of Safety. 

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the concept

A social distancing and hoarding system that is:-

  • Simple to erect

  • Light weight

  • Low cost

  • Modular 

  • Built to Last


advantage 1


Moduvide is manufactured in 360mm wide panels giving the system added flexibility that others don't have. The  panels can be connected at each end allowing more configurations than  other systems. The Moduvide system also allows faceted and circular configurations.

Moduvide is made to be able to be custom colour-coded or branded for your business.

advantage 2

Multi - Use

Moduvde screens can be used internally or externally. 

Moduvide has been specially designed  as a Social Distancing Screens, but can also be used as Permanent or Temporary Hoarding along with many other uses.

Due to its construction, the system can be used in areas that required a fire rated product; where plastic equivalents would not be suitable.

advantage 3

Built To Last

Moduvide is manufactured from high strength light weight aluminium. It is designed to be used time after time and suited to all market sectors including construction and industrial manufacturing. The lightweight build of the individual panels makes for easy transport and assembly.

The Tough Built durability makes for longevity when stacking and storing as well as when in use in demanding applications.

Coral Reef


 sustainable  divider solution

Moduvide are committed to drive down the use of plastic. Unlike virtually every other divider solution, Moduvide is made from high grade recycled aluminium and can be fully recycled at the end of its service life.

Different from other types, Moduvide will have a residual scrap value unlike many others that have an end of life cost.

Moduvide is planet & ocean friendly.

OUR Company


Moduvide is a Sapphire Balconies Ltd  company. Our "powered by knowledge" advantages, give us the materials,  technology and development skills to provide sustainable solutions for our customers that represent unrivaled value.

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Factory ModuVide.JPG

Suitable for:

Public Buildings

Schools & Colleges

Hospitals & Pharmacies

Offices & Conference Centres

Construction & Fit-Out.

Distribution & Warehouses.

Assembly and Production.

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  Introducing a new level of Safety To All Sectors of Industry.  

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